myserenity.michelle@outlook.com  . 402.227.5697
doTERRA_Wellness Pyramid

Within your private wellness consultation you will learn to give your body what it needs, so it can heal itself naturally.

Discover where your health and wellness is currently at, where you want it to be, and where the gap is. The physical, mental and emotional will be addressed and we’ll make a plan you can commit to, so you can heal yourself using natural solutions.

Michelle uses and recommends doTERRA essential oils and products for health and wellness, because they are of the purest and highest quality available, so pure you can drink them! Essential oils are highly vibrational and life giving, therefore bringing health and vitality to the user.

Become empowered by taking your health and vitality into your own hands.

$35/30-45 minute Wellness Consultation

**FREE Wellness Consultation with doTERRA membership enrollment of $35**

  my doTERRA wellness store

Contact Michelle to schedule your Wellness Consultation

myserenity.michelle@outlook.com  . 402.227.5697

Serenity Yoga & Wellness Studio:

116 S. 6th Street, Plattsmouth, NE.


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